Thursday, June 7, 2012

School Year's Eve Events

Dates:  August 9th - Kindergarten Orientation   6:30-8:00  pm
           August 12th - School Year's Eve Event  2:00-4:00 pm

School Year's Eve Schedule

2:00-2:45     Gym (Grades 1-5) - EPIC, STEM & Assessments (Mrs. Baker)
2:45-3:15      Gym                      3rd Grade (grade level information)
                    Auditorium             2nd Grade (grade level information)
                    Cafeteria                1st Grade (grade level information)
                    4th & 5th Grades   Class Visits, Community Vendors, Refreshments
3:30-4:00     Gym                       4th Grade (grade level information from teachers)
                   Auditorium              5th Grade (grade level  information from teachers)
                   1st-3rd Grades        Class Visits, Community Vendors, Refreshments

Refreshments:  School Year's Eve - ice cream sandwiches
                       Kindergarten Orientation - cookies and lemonade

Community Vendors include:  
     Girl Scouts
     Boy Scouts
     Meadowview Gymnastics
     Grosso Martial Arts
     and many more!

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