Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sullivan South Area Community Chest Contribution

The Sullivan South Community Chest presented Miller Perry with a check at the 3rd Grade Music Program. Many thanks to the community chest! And thanks to all of you that contribute to this community chest which made this contribution possible!

Swim for Miller Perry

Alic and Justin Mann presented Miller Perry with a check from their Swim For Them Fundraiser. They raised $750 together for the school in October. Thanks for your hard work for the school! And thanks to everyone who supported them!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PTA Fundraising Winners

Here is a picture of Ms. Angie with the top 3 winners from this year's PTA fundraiser. Thanks girls! And thanks to all of you who worked hard at selling items for the fundraiser!

Reflections Winners!

Winners were announced last week for the Reflections program.  Students turned in some great work in Literature, Photography and Visual Arts!


Kasia Oliver  (1st place Visual Arts and Photography 3rd-5th grade)
Grace Wellman  (1st place Literature 3rd-5th grade)
Elizabeth Kiser  (1st place Visual Arts k-2nd)
Lucian Franklin  (1st place Photography and Literature k-2nd)

Delaney Chase  (2nd place Photography 3rd-5th grade)
Madison Cowan  (2nd place Literature 3rd-5th grade)
Nevaeh Janulis (2nd place Vuisual Arts 3rd-5th grade)
Erika Jantz  (2nd place Visual Arts k-2nd)

Laura Thomas  (3rd place Literature 3rd-5th grade)
Abbey Hoover  (3rd place Visual Arts k-2nd)

1st place Winners will advance the State competition

Thank you to Emily Bartley Photography, Aundrea Young, Ben Franklin, Dwayne's World of Comics and a little taste of Harmony for all of their support.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Parties - Dec 20th

Christmas parties for Miller Perry will be on Dec 20th. Your homeroom teacher will be contacting you soon with the time of the party AND with ways you might be able to help out with your child's party.