November 2013 Meeting Minutes

PTA Board Meeting- November 11, 2013

Members present:  Gwen Janulis, Julie Hammonds, Justin Mann, April Schubert, Becky Hamilton, Kristi Hommell, Tonya Johnson, Kristin Osborne, and Jennifer Kiser.

Gwen Janulis called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.

Kristi Hommell presented the minutes from the previous meeting.  The minutes were presented in the form of a motion.  There were no additions or corrections, and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer Tonya Johnson had no report/update at this time.

There was not an administrative update since Angie Baker was not in attendance.

American Education Week:  Nov. 18-22

Teacher Breakfast:  Tuesday, Nov. 19

Teacher Lunch:  Friday, Nov. 22


Gwen talked about American Education week.  Volunteers are needed for food pickup in the carpool line. Lunch and breakfast for the teachers will be held in the gathering room on dates provided above.

Becky Hamilton gave information about Reflections. An informational handout was sent home with the kids explaining the entry rules. The deadline date for entries is November 26.  Gwen has more prizes available for this program if needed. Also, all Reflection information has been added to the Miller Perry PTA website.

Gwen gave a report on the upcoming Holiday Market event to be held November 21 from 6-8:30pm. The event will be held in the cafeteria and the annex.  PTA is in charge of food for the event (BBQ, chips, & drink).  There will also be a talent showcase performed by the students who wish to participate.  Rehearsals for the talent show will be held Nov. 19 during the school day.      

There was an overwhelming response from the teachers needing help in their classrooms.  A handout went home with students for parents to sign up, where & when they would like to volunteer.  Gwen will meet with Angie Baker to discuss schedule for teachers & volunteers.

The angel tree is now up and ready for display.

Larry will be unable to continue running the All Pro Dads, so Gwen will hold a breakfast for dads sometime in January.

Dr. Seuss week will be held the first week of March.  We will discuss speakers for this event more at the next meeting.

The next PTA Board Meeting will be on December 9, 2013.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40am.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Hommell

Secretary-Miller Perry PTA

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