December 2013 Meeting Minutes

PTA Board Meeting- December 9, 2013


Members present:  Gwen Janulis, Julie Hammonds, Justin Mann, Becky Hamilton, Kristi Hommell, Tonya Johnson, Kristin Osborne, Jennifer Kiser, and Angie Baker.

Gwen Janulis called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.

Secretary Kristi Hommell presented the minutes from the previous meeting.  The minutes were presented in the form of a motion.  There were no additions or corrections, and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer Tonya Johnson reported the Holiday Market was a success. There were 16 venders for a profit of $450 in table rentals; $460 profit for food sales; $130 spent for food. Approximately $780 made for Holiday Market.

Administrative Report; Angie Baker went over upcoming events.

Dr. Seuss Week: March 2-7.

Boys and Girls Banquet Night: Boys will be held March 20; Girls to be held April 10

T-Cap Testing: April 28 – May 9

Walk a thon: May 12.

Field Day: Will be May 16 or May 19; Gwen will give definite date next board meeting.

Ribbon cutting for the Auditorium: The date has been changed for sometime in the spring.


Committee Report:

Gwen said the American Education Week went very well.  Participation was high and the teachers/administration enjoyed lots of great food. 

 There is now a total of 285 PTA members and coming close to 100% participation from school administrative.

The PTA receives the proceeds from box tops and we are close to a $2,000 profit.


Old Business:

Gwen thanked everyone for their hard work during the Holiday Market. She stated it went extremely well with lots of great food and the talent show was successful with many wonderful performances.


Becky Hamilton discussed the Reflections progress. There were 17 entries for the contest. Certificates/Ribbons will be awarded and the pictures will be displayed in the lobby. Also, all Reflection information has been added to the Miller Perry PTA website.

All of the teachers’ grants are in except for two. Hopefully this will be complete before the next meeting.

New Business:

The Ribbon cutting scheduled for Dec 4th will be rescheduled.  Angie Baker is in the process of recruiting workers to put down carpet on the two isles in the auditorium.


Breakfast for dads will be held in January. Biscuits, donuts, juice and coffee will be provided. The date is not yet scheduled but Gwen is thinking it will be held from 7:30 – 8:30 am.

Dr. Seuss week will be held the first week of March.  We will discuss speakers for this event more at the next meeting and volunteers will be needed.

The next PTA Board Meeting will be on January 13, 2014.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45am.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Hommell

Secretary-Miller Perry PTA

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