March 2014 Meeting Minutes

Members Present:  Gwen Janulis, Kristi Hommell, Kristin Osborne, Justin Mann, Tonya Johnson, Julie Hammonds, Justin Mann.

President Gwen Janulis called the meeting to order at 10:12 a.m.

Secretary Kristi Hommell presented the minutes from the previous meeting.  Justin Mann was added to the minutes from the last meeting.  The minutes were presented in the form of a motion and were approved.

Treasurer Tonya Johnson updated the board on the PTA finances. She reported two checks were received, one from the Box Tops program ($1592) and one from the Buffalo Wild Wings quarterly donation ($109.95). She announced $150 was spent on Dr. Seuss Week and $60 on the Dads Breakfast.  

The Boys and Girls Banquet (dinner and fundraiser for the school): One adult can accompany one child & a spaghetti dinner will be provided for children and a charge of $10 per adult. 


Fuel Up to Play 60 - PTA does not have to have another big event this school year, but an event to promote healthy eating is required in order to fulfill the Fuel Up to Play 60 program requirements. Gwen suggested an event to include a “rainbow table” where students can sample vegetables and fruits in every color of the rainbow. A day where students can dress up in their favorite vegetable/fruit color was also discussed. Gwen will work on event specifics and a date for the event.

TCAP supplies and snacks are needed during May 1,2,5,6. The PTA along with volunteers and home room moms will coordinate items needed.


Dr. Seuss week was a huge success!  Gwen thanked everyone who helped make that week a success.

The Books a Million Weekend will be held Saturday, April 15, all proceeds will go to Miller Perry. A flyer will need to be sent home to parents.

The mulch is about completed around the playground.  Final touches will be made in the upcoming weeks.

Walk-a-thon: April 25. PTA will provide popsicles and water to students. This will be a donation event.

Book Fair: March 17-21.Gwen will need volunteers to help during the week. Family Night will be March 20, the same night as the 1st grade music program.

Kindergarten Registration: March 4. The board discussed different items to include in a welcome packet for these new families, including magnets with PTA info (Gwen will get prices on these) and an info sheet with school website and contact information.

The board discussed the school landscaping, including a new bell plaque. Gwen will work with Ms. Angie on this.

Fundraising - Ideas for next year were discussed and will be finalized at future board meetings.


Upcoming PTA Events:

1st Grade Music Program –March 20

Kindergarten Music Program – April 17

Fuel up to Play 60 –April 24

Walk a thon: April 25

Teacher Appreciation Week- May 5-9

Chick-fil-A Spirit night- May 8


The next PTA Board Meeting will be April 14, 2014.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:42am.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Hommell

Secretary-Miller Perry PTA


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