Wednesday, May 2, 2012


4th Annual Miller Perry PTA Walk-A-Thon

Wednesday, May 9th

"We are walking across Tennessee"

Dear Miller Perry Parents,

We would like to invite you to help our school by assisting your child in getting sponsors for our upcoming walk-a-thon.  With proceeds from this event we will continue our efforts to improve our school both technologically and aesthetically.

In this wellness event, all students at Miller Perry will be given the chance to walk around the school walking trail with their class on Wednesday, May 9th.  Children can ask family, friends, neighbors, etc. to sponsor them in this walk.  Sponsorship donations may be per lap walked by the child or a flat donation for their efforts.  Students will bring their walk-a-thon envelopes and sponsor sheets to the event in order for us to record their total laps walked.  Then donations will be collected and turned int he following week.

Individual students who turn in $50 or more of donations will get their name put in a drawing once for every $50 they turn in.  We will draw 3 names to receive one of these Grand Prizes:  an iPad, a Nook Tablet/Kindle Fire or a laptop computer/netbook.

Also, our goal as a school is to walk the distance equivalent to crossing the state of Tennessee and coming back:  that is 440 miles each way.  We will mark our progress with a chalk drawing of TN on the basketball court.  If we meet this goal and meet last year's donation amount of $5,000, one lucky classroom teacher will receive $440 for improvements/supplies in their classroom.

The walk-a-thon will be an event of fun and excitement.  We encourage you to support your child in getting donations.  We also invite you to volunteer the day of the event to cheer the children on and assist with recording laps or serving refreshments.  If you can volunteer your time to help us the day of the walk-a-thon, please contact Lora Barnett at

Thank you,
Miller Perry PTA

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